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St. Petersburg

About the Consortium


Non-profit partnership of scientists , educators and institutions of higher education "St. Petersburg University Consortium"


is a nonprofit organization established to promote the scholars, teachers , institutions of higher education in their implementation of activities aimed at enhancing the role of St. Petersburg University in the European scientific and educational space in the system of higher education in Russia.

The main activities of the partnership include::
  • development and implementation of programs (events) in the field of Russian and European education;
  • preparation and publication of scientific periodicals;
  • preparation and publication of scientific literature;
  • organizing and conducting meetings, discussions , conferences, seminars, forums, symposiums, meetings, round tables, exhibitions with recognized international scientific and educational centers, systems of international scientific bibliographic information systems, Science Citation Index, European and international structures for coordination and support research, scientific publishing houses, centers for training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, the largest universities in the world;
  • organization of the examination programs of projects, development and recommendations.