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Dear colleagues! 

The Scientific Opinion. Economic, juridical and sociological sciences peer reviewed journal provides new opportunities for the exchange of relevant scientific information, lays the ground for effective scientific communication and, most importantly, fosters a holistic approach to science in a social context, since a journal publication is one of the most important ways for a scientist to present scientific results and for a scientific community to evaluate his or her level of professional recognition.
Modern science is increasingly characterized by interdisciplinary interaction due to the transfer of representations of the special scientific world picture, as well as methodological tools of scientific research from one area to another. New objects, techniques and methods of theoretical research are introduced into the field of science; strategies of scientific research, forms of exchange of scientific opinions and means of encoding scientific information in written communication are changing. The journal is a kind of an information forum, in which one can observe different points of view and assessments of research results reflecting how various branches of science obtain a new vision of the general object of study – man, considered as an active entity cognizing and transforming the world, man as a part of society and a part of nature. Integration processes form an integrated vision of each subject area of science, which makes it possible to compare different patterns of the reality under study, to find common blocks in them and to identify them as one and the same reality. Experts admit that the so-called paradigm transplantations substantially change the research tasks of modern science. According to researchers, the 20th century was characterized by the rapid development of industries based on natural resources, but the 21st century will be a century of industries based on the power of human intellect. Natural science actively interferes in the area of the humanities. The humanities are actively involved in creating a new paradigm of the scientific worldview. The contact and interaction of sciences are prerequisites for the development of science in general.
The emergence of so-called inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary fields of scientific knowledge substantially changes the rules of scientific communication as well. The Scientific Opinion peer reviewed journal provides different ways of presenting scientific information, which allows all interested readers not only to find essential information, but also to interpret it adequately. This is important for both accomplished and young researchers, since research work in interdisciplinary areas inevitably requires systematic reflection.
Publications in The Scientific Opinion peer reviewed journal greatly expand the audience for discussion of the research object, which is an important factor of validation of obtained results, making it possible to conduct their primary expert evaluation and forming skills of correct presentation of a scientific position in written scientific communication. In addition to scientific papers and short messages, the journal provides information (in Russian or English) on scientific conferences and symposiums, reviews of new scientific monographs and dissertation researches, shorthand notes of scholarly disputes and round tables.
The Editorial Board of The Scientific Opinion peer reviewed journal looks forward to fruitful cooperation with authors and research groups interested in promoting their study results and forming new research areas in the context of fundamental restructuring of the knowledge society.


Chief Editor Vladimir V. Laptev