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Dear authors!

 Please be informed that from December 1st, 2015 due to coming into effect of the new List of Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publications, in which the main results of Ph.D. / D.Sc. theses should be published, the Humanities & Science University Journal and The Scientific Opinion are recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission in the following disciplines:
1. Humanities & Science University Journal– 01.02.00 – mechanics; 01.04.00 – physics; 03.01.00 – physicochemical biology; 05.13.00 – informatics, computer science and management; 05.16.00 – metallurgy and materials science.
2. Humanities & Science University Journal(philological and historical sciences, art criticism) – 10.00.00 – philological sciences; 07.00.00 – historical sciences and archaeology; 17.00.00 – art criticism.
3. The Scientific Opinion – 13.00.00 – pedagogical sciences; 19.00.00 – psychological sciences; 09.00.00 – philosophical sciences.
Since the status of these journals was approved by the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission once again, all papers published in them will be “approved” by the Higher Attestation Commission both before and after December 1st, 2015.