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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 16 (Philology and History, Archaeology and Art), 2015

The Realization of the Category of Identity in the Title of a Public Speech (English language rhetoric)

K. L. Ulanova
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 The present paper explores the connection between such linguistic phenomena as a category of identity and the title of a public speech. It characterizes the features of the category of identity, which, along with the functions of transforming the language
structures into a speech, aims at the achievement of the full correlation between the conceived image and its speech manifestation. Special attention is drawn to the interrelation of the title and the functional semantic dependence. The originality of this
research is that it focuses on the relationship between the title and the category of identity being applied to the analysis of the text of public speeches, remaining in the mainstream of linguistic studies nonetheless.
Keywords: category of identity, functional semantic dependence, language and speech structures, narrative perspective, public speaking, text, title.
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