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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 14 (Art history, philology and historical sciences), 2015

Image as a Way of Interpretation of Dance Concept (Based on Anecdotal Evidence of the Creative Experience of Russian Ballet Masters of the “Silver Age”)

T. V. Portnova
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 The article explores an unusual and scarcely researched aspect of the creative experience by the masters of the “Silver Age” Russian choreography associated with their work in the area of static images of dance. The author draws special attention to detailed internal transformations of image material in which stage images appearing
on the piece of paper or as sculptures begin to perform a variety of emotional and semantic functions, which are justifi able within the expressive language of plastic arts. The author’s analysis of antique publications, archive collections, museum and private collections, brings together rare information on artistic legacy of ballet stars, such
as Anna Pavlova, V. Nijinsky, brothers N. and C. Legate, P. Goncharova, as well as choreographers M. Fokina and B. Nizhynsky.
Keywords: ballet dancers and choreographers, visual art, dance, artistic image
comprehension, visual embodiment.
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