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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №13 (Physical and mathematical, biological and technical science), 2015

Determining and Tracking the Programmed Trajectory of a Vessel

A. A. Mironenko, A. S. Vaskov
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 The paper propounds a new approach for defi ning the components of a vessel’s programmed motion (the velocity vector and coordinates) in confi ned and congested waters on the basis of a special trajectory (sigmoid-like) function. The inclination of the trajectory function is correlated with the gradients of the corresponding kinematic parameters and their deflections. The control system of programmed motion is built
according to the hierarchical cascade scheme, namely, trajectory coordinates — heading — rate of turn — longitudinal speed. The simulation results confirm the performance of the suggested algorithms, which can be used in automatic tracking systems with Electronic Chart Display and Information System.
Keywords: motion model, gradient, trajectory (sigmoid-like) function, trajectory planning and tracking.
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