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"The Scientific Opinion" № 8 (Art history, philology and philosophy of science), 2015


V. N. Zhelezniak
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 The structure of the article includes several theoretical layers: the utopia and dystopia
ratio; the analysis of the specifi c literary material (late works of the Russian writer
V. Sorokin); the general issue of the value of artistic creativity for philosophical
analysis; the technical and social progress ratio; the concept of the “law of mixture”.
Things that seem to be a fi gment of the artist’s arbitrary imagination can hide some
important regularities behind. This is the “law of mixture”. The “law of mixture” is an
effect emerging as a result of a malfunction of the technical basis in the general structure of the civilisational process and may lead to a discrepancy of social and technical layers.
K e y w o r d s: uutopia, anti-utopia, technology, civilisation, formation, development,
law of mixture.
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