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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №8, 2014

Optical and Electrical Characterisation of the Copper (II) Complex with Azomethine Base

V. T. Avanesyan, E. G. Vodkailo
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 Thin-layer organometallic films synthesized from monomer [CumSalpn-1,3] have been studied. Results of measurements of the optical density spectrum and electrical properties exhibited by metal-containing polymer structures based on Cu(II) complexes in the frequency range of f = 103–106 Hz are reported. Spectral dependences of the absorption coeffi cient in the range of 600–900 nm and the optical band gap are determined. Frequency dispersion of the impedance characteristics has been de fi ned, and possible mechanisms of dielectric polarization and charge transfer
in poly-[CumSalpn-1,3] in alternating current have been considered. Feasibility of the hopping mechanism of charge transfer in the polymer under study is discussed.

optical density, dielectric, metalopolymer, frequency, polarization, structure.

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