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Humanities and Science University Journal № 46 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2019

First Translations and Dissemination of K. S. Stanislavsky System in China

Wang Renguo
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In the article, the author states that the “system” made changes 
to the main educational programs and teaching principles previ-
ously used in Chinese theater schools, and it laid a solid founda-
tion for training theater directors and actors for the era of the 
new China. The author of this study can claim that no country 
in the world has had such a comprehensive, systematic and in-
depth study and application of K. S. Stanislavsky “system”, as 
it has been organized in China.
Keywords: K. S. Stanislavsky system, translations and dissemination, theater director, 
Russian and Chinese theater.
1. Stanislavskiy K. S. Rabota aktera nad soboy. Pervaya chast’ / per.: Lin’ Lin, Shi 
Min’tu [M]. Pekin: Kino Kitaya, 2006. 421 s. (斯坦尼斯拉夫斯基·演员自我修养:
第一部 [M]. 林陵,史敏徒,译 .北京:中国电影出版社,2006. 421页.)
2. Chernovik istorii obrazovaniya v oblasti kitayskogo sovremennogo drama-
ticheskogo teatra // red.-sost. Yan’ Chzhevu. Izd-vo Vostochno-kitayskogo pedagog-
icheskogo universiteta [M]. 1986. 373 s. (《中国现代话剧教育史稿》,阎折梧 编,
华东师范大学出版社,[M]. 1986年版,373页)
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