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Humanities and Science University Journal № 46 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2019

Misrepresentation in Literary Criticism (three interpretations of E. Dickinson’s “Success Is Counted Sweetest”)

I. V. Tolochin, A. S. Filatov
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The paper discusses the ubiquitous and frequent practice of misrep-
resentations of the poetic text in the literary criticism. A comparative 
analysis of three articles, which analyze E. Dickinson’s ‘Success Is 
Counted Sweetest’, highlights such distortions and clarifi es their causes. 
As a solution to the current practices leading to signifi cant misrepre-
sentations, the paper comes up with an analytical method based on 
a series of reconstructive procedures that impose the relevant frames 
which set the parameters for identifying the meaning of the poem in 
a comprehensive and non-contradictory manner.
Keywords: poetry, frame, understanding, meaning, value confl ict, text structure.
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