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Humanities and Science University Journal № 44 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2019

Russian Lithographs of 20th Century and “Shuxiexing” Aesthetic Principles

Wang Xichen
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The paper concerns Russian lithograph of the twentieth 
century in terms of principles of the classical Chinese 
aesthetics; and the author considers correlation between 
the aesthetic principles of the Russian lithography and 
“shuxiexing” theory.
Keywords: shuxiexing, linear expression, traces of brush, lithograph, Russia, China.
1. Van Ven’syan’. Issledovanie prirody kalligrafi cheskogo stilya.  Futszyan’: Futszy-
anskiy pedagogicheskiy universitet, 2014. 9 s. (王文贤.书法风格本质论. 福建: 福建
师范大学, 2014. 总页数. 9).
2. Lin Ruoy’ya. Lineynyi dukh — o lineynoy estetike v traditsionnoy kitayskoy 
zhivopisi. Kanton: Tszinan’skiy universitet, 2002. 169 s. (林若嘉.中国画 — 中国画
线美学论. 广州: 济南大学, 2002. 总页数. 169).
3. Chzhan Dongliang. Vazhnost’ teorii traditsionnoy kitayskoy zhivopisi «Liniya». 
Tyan’tszin’: Tyan’tszin’skaya akademiya izyashchnykh iskusstv, 2014. 12 s. (张栋梁.论
中国画“线”的重要性. 天津: 天津美术学院, 2014, 总页数. 12).
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