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Humanities and Science University Journal № 43 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2018

Specifi c Features of M. Bicher’s Activity in the Context of Yesipova’s School Traditions and His Infl uence on Shaping the National Ensemble Performance

Y. V. Bolotov
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The paper analyzes the activity of Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bichter (1881–1947), 
the most prominent pupil of the great Anna Yesipova, performer and creator of his 
own piano school. M. Bichter deliberately chose a collaborative pianist's career. 
Since 1933, he worked also as a professor of chamber vocal ensemble at Leningrad 
Conservatory. Like his teacher A. Yesipova, M. Bichter had an imperious temper 
and was an excellent professional. He collaborated with such outstanding musicians 
as the singers F. Shalyapin, I. Yershov, Z. Lodiy, M. Maksakova, and the violinist 
J. Joachim. His performing style featured boldness and integrity of interpretation 
as well as a perfect balance of sound. In his pedagogy, he was a demanding and 
scrupulous teacher making students pay attention to the slightest elements of the 
musical speech. M. Bichter's principles of the accompanist-soloist interaction remain 
relevant today.
Keywords: Yesipova’s school, performing style, ensemble, pianism, music accompaniment, accompanist.
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