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Humanities and Science University Journal №35 (Physical and mathematical, biological and technical science), 2017

Journal Article:
G. A. Bordovsky, P. P. Seregin, F. S. Nasredinov, V. S. Kiselev
Effective Atomic Charges in YBa2Cu3O7 and La2-xSrxCuO4 Crystal Lattices
Price: 50 rub.
R. A. Castro, A. A. Kononov, Y. Saito, J. Tominaga, A. V. Kolobov
Dielectric Relaxation and Charge Transfer in Structures Based on Ge2Sb2Te5 Chalcogenide System
Price: 50 rub.
N. D. Prasolov, M. Y. Krauchanka, L. M. Dorogin, H. K. Lipsanen, A. A. Gutkin, P. N. Brunkov
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of GaAs-crystal Surface Nanoindentation
Price: 50 rub.
V. V. Rusanovskiy, N. V. Lavrov, A. I. Krasavin, G. V. Rusanovskiy, M. I. Airapetov
Goals of Biobanks in the World
Price: 50 rub.
Price: 300 rub
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