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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №27 (Physical and mathematical, biological and technical science), 2017

The Galvanomagnetic Properties of Bismuth Films with Thicknesses of 15–150 nm on Mica Substrates

V. M. Grabov, V. A. Komarov, E. V. Demidov, A. N. Krushelnitckii, N. S. Kablukova
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 The results of studies of galvanomagnetic properties (resistivity, transverse magnetoresistance, Hall coeffi cient) of bismuth thin fi lms (15–150 nm thick) on mica substrate in the temperature range 5–310 K are discussed in the paper. The primary infl uence of the classical size effect on the carrier mobility in the entire range of fi lm thicknesses is proved. The increase of carrier concentration with the decrease of
the fi lm thickness is shown. This phenomenon is due to the changes in the parameters of the band structure and the increasing infl uence of the fi lm surface states on the electron mobility.
Keywords: thin fi lms, bismuth’s films, galvanomagnetic effects, size effects.
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