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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 36 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2018

Analysis on Ceramic Art under the Trend of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Art

S. V. Anchukov, Yu Wei
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In this paper, we discuss and analyze performance and localization of the modern Chinese ceramic art in the global contemporary art. The infl uence of the modern Chinese ceramics is considered in three aspects: firstly, originality of bright,
approachable artistic styles; secondly, the concept of art installation transcendence ; thirdly, neo-expressionism origins.
Keywords: modern and contemporary art, modern ceramic art, localization, art installations.
1. Tszin’ Ven’vey, Tsin’ Silin’. Sovremennoe keramicheskie khudozhestvennoe
obrazovanie: sravnitel’noe issledovanie keramicheskogo khudozhestvennogo obrazovaniya Kitaya, Yaponii i Ameriki. M.: Izdatel’stvo nauchnoy obshchestvennosti,
2008. 210 s.
2. Tszin’ In’chzhen’, Tszin’ Tszaylun. Khudozhestvennyi yazyk sovremennogo
keramicheskogo iskusstva. M.: Izdatel’stvo nauchnoy obshchestvennosti, 2005. 140 s.
3. Chzhan Khaygo, Yuy Tszylin’. Luchshie izdeliya keramicheskogo iskusstva Tszindechzhenya. M.: Izdatel’stvo Shankhayskogo universiteta, 2004. 146 s.
4. Chen’ Meiyui. Khudozhestvennyi obzor. M.: Izdatel’stvo kitayskoy legkoy promyshlennosti, 2007. 209 s.
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