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Requirements for manuscripts


Standard requirements for the submission of manuscripts

1. The text can be submitted electronically in Word or RTF format. Font type is

Times New Roman, font size 14.

2. The text can also be submitted as hard copy – 2 copies printed on standard A4

paper. Spacing should be set at one and a half.

3. Manuscript should have no less than 6 pages in the above format, but should not

exceed 18 pages (up to 40,000 characters including spaces).

4. Pictures are presented in BMP format, charts are in Excel, and tables are in


5. An abstract in English should be attached (not to exceed 1,000 characters, including

spaces). A Russian abstract is also desirable.

6. Up to 7 key words in English (in Russian, if possible) should also be provided.

7. References should be organized as per bibliographic requirements. They should

be attached at the end of the text under the title of “List of References”. The sources

should be listed in the alphabetical order. To link in-text citations with the list of references the numbers in sequential order should be used in square brackets. If a reference is made to a specifi c quotation from a source, such reference should be marked with a sequential number on the list of references and a page number. Page number should be set off with a comma.

8. In case the author deems it necessary to add notes, a new section should be created entitled “Notes”, to be placed before the ”List of References”. Notes may contain author’s comments or explanations marked sequentially with one or more asterisks.

9. Special symbols (i.e. Greek, Old Russian and other rare letters) should be inserted

as images or accompanied by fonts containing such symbols.

We kindly request authors to attach the following personal data in English

(Russian is desirable)

1. First, last and middle names

2. Full name of the institutions the author is affi liated with, including names of the

city and country.

3. Mailing address.

4. Contact information: e-mail, phone, fax.

5. Academic degree, title, position.

6. Main areas of research.

7. Most important publications (no more than 2).

Main prerequisites for publication by the Journal are:

• submission of the manuscript and other relevant documentation in strict compliance

with the aforementioned requirements, the receipt of which is confi rmed by a registration


• a license agreement by which the author grants non-exclusive rights for publication

to the publishing house.