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Humanities and Science University Journal № 49 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2019

Main Directions of Activity of Leningrad Porcelain Factory in 1950s–1960s (Based on Archival Materials)

E. V. Ivanova
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The paper, on the basis of the reporting documentation of the Leningrad 
porcelain factory, established in the period of development of the mass char-
acter of the art industry, discusses the key activities of the enterprise. For 
many years, specialists of decorative and applied art noted the absence of 
their own artistic mannerism in the sculptural works of the factory’s masters. 
However, the increase of scientifi c interest in the mass «interior» sculpture 
of the 1950s and 1960s in recent decades, as well as the intensifi cation of 
exhibition activities involving sculptural works by the masters of Leningrad 
porcelain factory, make it relevant to comprehensively study the activities 
of the enterprise on the production of «interior» plastics. Due to the intro-
duction of unpublished statistical reports into the scientifi c circulation, the 
author clarifi es and supplements the existing scientifi c attribution of porce-
lain products of the factory and also determines the role of the enterprise 
in the process of forming the subject-spatial environment of a Soviet person 
through studying the circulation data of souvenir products.
Keywords: Leningrad porcelain factory, mass market porcelain, T. A Fedorova, 
A. A. Kiselev, L. N. Smorgon, porcelain industry in 1950’s–1960’s, pilot 
plant affi liated to the State Research Ceramics Institute.
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