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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 36 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2018

Chinese Artists Associations Worldwide

Xing Nizhen
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 The article is dedicated to contemporary associations of chinese artists worldwide. The associations are divided into four types: national, world, regional and local. All of them pursue common goals — development and promotion of the Chinese art, support for art exchange in different countries. Actually, they are responsible for art exhibitions and other cultural activities, promotion of young and talented artists, giving them a material
Keywords: Chinese artists associations, artistic unions, Chinese art, Chinese painting,
1. Avstraliysko-Tikhookeanskiy fond sovremennogo kitayskogo iskusstva. URL: http://acaf.org.au/ (data obrashcheniya: 24.12.2017).
2. Assotsiatsiya vizual’nykh iskusstv Tayvanya URL: https://
avat-art.org(data obrashcheniya 24.12.2017).
3. Assotsiatsiya kitayskikh khudozhnikov v Italii.URL:
http://www.aacitalia.com (data obrashcheniya: 25.12.2017).
4. Assotsiatsiya khudozhnikov Singapura. URL: http://
ch.artistssociety.sg (data obrashcheniya: 22.12.2017).
5. Indoneziyskaya assotsiatsiya kitayskikh khudozhnikov.
URL: https://idchinaart.org (data obrashcheniya: 25.12.2017).
6. Kanadskaya assotsiatsiya kitayskikh khudozhnikov v Vankuvere. URL: http://ccafv.com(data obrashcheniya: 25.12.2017).
7. Kitayskaya assotsiatsiya khudozhnikov Ontario. URL: http://
www.ocaa.info (data obrashcheniya: 26.12.2017).
8. Kitayskiy gonkongskiy soyuz khudozhnikov . URL:
http://www.hkmx.org (data obrashcheniya 24.12.2017).
9. Kitayskoe otdelenie Amerikanskoy mirovoy assotsiatsii khudozhnikov. URL: http://www.achinaart.com/ (data obrashcheniya:
10. Kratkoe opisanie Malayskogo obshchestva vsekh iskusstv. URL: artistsboxes.com/malaysia-arts-society-intro-
malaysia-arts-society-intro (data obrashcheniya: 23.12.2017).
11. Malayskaya assotsiatsiya sovremennoy kitayskoy zhivopisi i kalligrafi i. URL: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MaLaiXiYaGuoJiXianDaiShuHuaLianMeng/
about/ (data obrashcheniya: 26.12.2017).
12. Mezhdunarodnaya Assotsiatsiya kitayskikh khudozhnikov .
URL: http://www.wacaorg.com (data obrashcheniya: 25.12.2017).
13. Obshchestvo kitayskikh khudozhnikov . URL: http://www.
soca.org.sg (data obrashcheniya 23.12.2017).
14. Yan Tszin. Soyuz kitayskikh khudozhnikov i muzykantov v Sankt-Peterburge.
Voprosy vzaimodeystviya // Nauchnoe mnenie. 2015. №. 7–1. S. 157–159.
Price: 50 рублей
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