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"The Scientific Opinion" №16 (Psycho-pedagogical and philosophy of science), 2016


V. V. Morozov
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 The role of the civilisation factor in the process of socialisation of personality is
examined in the article through the example of the events in Ukraine in 2014. The
principal reason for contradictions between Western Ukraine and Russian East and
Crimea, among other reasons, is different mentality and world view of the two peoples.
The cultural civilisational self-authentication of the Russian people, who can not accept
the way of life of Western man and consumer society, in which spirituality and values
have undergone erosion, acted at the attempt of standardisation. The author proposes
to carry out the process of personality socialisation in modern Russia on the basis of
the sociocultural code, inclusive “We+Self-world view”, fundamental cultural values
and social norms of the Russian civilisation. Culture-congruent education as a factor of
reproduction of social experience and development of the Russian civilisation shows a
way of priority of spiritual values in relation to material ones, which will be instrumental
in socialisation of spiritual and moral personality.
Key words: civilisation, sociocultural code, world view, cultural values, social norms,
culture-congruent education, socialisation of personality.
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