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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №22 (Physical and mathematical, biological and technical science), 2016

On the Method of Digital Image Analysis Based on the Construction of a Stationary Flow on Graph

N. B. Ampilova, V. D. Sergeev, I. P. Soloviev
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 The paper describes the method of digital image analysis, which is based on the  representation of an image by an oriented graph. Vertices correspond to image  pixels, edges connect the nearest neighbors. We assign a measure to all edges  so that to obtain a Markov chain on the graph. In accordance with the initial measure distribution the stationary fl ow is constructed and weighted entropy is calculated. The algorithm is implemented both for the base case (vertex corresponds to one pixel) and the optimized one — vertex corresponds to a cell of the image partition. The choice of the maximum allowed cell size depends on the image structure and may be obtained experimentally — comparing the weighted entropy values and run times for the base and optimized variants. The results of calculations for some classes of biomedical preparations images are given. The described optimization reduces the run time by 3–4 times.
Keywords: Digital images, oriented graph, Markov  chain,  stationary distribution, 
weighted entropy.
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