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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 16 (Philology and History, Archaeology and Art), 2015

Images in Epigrams Accompanying Engraved Portraits

D. S. Kruglov
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 The article examines the specific features of German epigrams accompanying engraved portraits of the 18th century as the interplay between the verbal und the graphical elements of the copper plate. Interpretation of 40 epigrams revealed the importance of pictorial motifs and allowed to distinguish five poetical ways to form the
harmony between verbal text and portrait: (1) deixis, or the actualization of the picture through the epigram’s text, (2) metaphor, in which abstract descriptions are shown as visual objects, the motifs of (3) light and darkness and (4) identity of the model and his or her portrait, and (5) the artist’s image.
Keywords: German, baroque, copperplate, epigram, polimodal text, picture, deixis, metaphor.
1. Byuler K. Teoriya yazyka. Reprezentativnaya funktsiya yazyka. M.: 1993 (elekt ron naya kniga).
2. Sorokin Yu. A., Tarasov E. F. Kreolizovannye teksty i ikh kommunikativnaya
funktsiya // Optimizatsiya rechevogo vozdeystviya. M., 1990.
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