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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №15 (Physical and mathematical, biological and technical science), 2015

Method to Develop Functional Software for NPP APCS Using Model-Oriented Approach in SimInTech

A. M. Shchekaturov, K. A. Timofeev, O. S. Kozlov
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 The SimInTech environment developed in Russia enables using the end-to-end design of the algorithmic part of automated process control systems (APCS) for nuclear power plants (NPP), including the all-mode mathematical modeling of production process dynamics, debugging and optimizing control algorithms on an object model,
generating functional software (FSW) as well as developing interfaces of the operator control panel. The article describes some of the main methods and approaches applied for the collective development of NPP APCS FSW. The implementation of the method during the development of APCS for Balokovo NPP-1 reactor compartment is presented as an example.
Keywords: modeloriented design, automated control system, algorithms, mathematical modeling, video frames.
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