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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №15 (Physical and mathematical, biological and technical science), 2015

Development of Flow Reactor for the Synthesis of Semiconductor and Metal Nanoparticles

O. A. Aleksandrova, V. A. Moshnikov, L. B. Matyushkin, R. C. Mbwahnche, O. A. Ryzhov
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 The aim of the research is to create a fl ow reactor system for the synthesis of nanoparticles in a segmented stream of immiscible fluids. The proposed system consists of three syringe pumps with fl ow rates in the range 1–150 μl/s, a mixing cell, a polytetrafl uoroethylene capillary system with thermostated nucleation and growth contours, and the primary diagnostic device. The optimum ratios of fl ow rates of precursors and carrier liquids were determined. Colloidal solutions of semiconductor (CdSe) and metal (Ag) nanoparticles were synthesized experimentally.
Keywords: сolloidal quantum dots, plasmon nanoparticles, fl ow synthesis.
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