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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 14 (Art history, philology and historical sciences), 2015

Borrowed and International Words in the Ethnocultural Interactive Environment

Y. D. Dzhamavova
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 International and borrowed words penetrate languages with unrelated structures due to the same socio-historical and linguistic shared factors and mutual contacts between the speakers and their languages. Yet, international and borrowed words, which share a lot
of common features, are not identical. International elements that appear in different languages should have a relatively uniform phonomorphological representation and an almost identical meaning.
Keywords: language contact, vocabulary, internationalism, borrowing, the language element, anglicism.
1. Akulenko V. V. Voprosy internatsionalizatsii slovarnogo sostava yazyka. Khar’kov,
2. Bosak I. Mezhdunarodnye slova obrazuyut podmnozhestvo zaimstvovannykh
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3. Krysin L. P. Leksicheskoe zaimstvovanie i kal'kirovanie v russkom yazyke
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4. Neshchimenko G. P. Zaimstvovaniya i internatsionalizmy v sovremennoy
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