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"The Scientific Opinion" № 9 (Art history, philology and culturology), 2015


P. M. Stepanova
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 The “Special project” was produced by the Polish theatre director, reformist, theorist
Jerzy Grotowski in 1975 after exiting from traditional dramatic theatre as the next step
in the development and rethinking of the “poor theatre” problem. This article quotes the
description of the paratheatre project, written by the direct participant T. Burzynski, for
the first time in the Russian language. The structure of the “Special Project” is analysed
from the point of fundamentals of human existence and the newest role of a spectator/
partner in a paratheatre. The problem of “mythological thinking” is interpreted in the
context of Mircea Eliade’s articles: “Aspects of Myth”, “Shamanism. Archaic Techniques
of Ecstasy” and Carl Jung’s works. Special emphasis is put on such elements as water,
fire, ground in the “structure of action”, organised by Grotowski and his actors.
K e y w o r d s: mythological thinking, paratheatre, spectator/partner, shaman, catharsis.
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