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"The Scientific Opinion" № 9 (Art history, philology and culturology), 2015


D. S. Kruglov
Price: 50 руб.
 The article investigates the interplay between visual and verbal coding in text and the
possible ways to recode audial information in graphic. Interpretation of 100 modern portrait-,landscape- and object-photographs has allowed to distinguish three ways of audial coding: metaphorical approach, i. e. figurative assimilation of graphical elements to sound units; metonymical approach, i. e. demonstrating of the objects that symbolise sounds; coding of audial information with verbal or another special-purpose. This classification makes it possible to study engraved portraits from the 17th–18th centuries and to detect an audial component in the portraits of clergy. The further textual analysis of engraved German verses reveals the continuity of sound motives with the writings of Christian mystics.
K e y w o r d s: German, baroque, audilisation, copper-plate, sound, polymodal text,
1. Guchinskaya N. O. Angel Silezskiy i nemetskaya mistika // Angelus Silezius. Kheruvimskiy strannik. SPb., 1999.
2. Kruglov D. S. Metaforika vospriyatiya v tekstakh gravirovannykh portretov Germanii XVII–XVIII vv. i eyo srednevekovye istochniki // Materialy XVIII chteniy pamyati I. M. Tronskogo «Indoevropeyskoe yazykoznanie i klassicheskaya filologiya — XVIII» / otv. red. Kazanskiy N. N. SPb., 2014. S. 482–492.
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4. Angelus Silesius: Sämtliche poetische Werke in drei Bänden. Band 2. München, 1952.
5. Carrá Carlo. La Pittura dei suoni, rumori, odori: Manifesto futurista. Milan, 1913.
6. Congreve William. The Poetical Works of William Congreve. London, 1818.
Price: 50 рублей
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