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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №13 (Physical and mathematical, biological and technical science), 2015

GPU Memory Transfer Optimization for Computed Tomography Image Processing

V. S. Chukanov, I. V. Shturts
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 Modern graphics processor units (GPUs) provide massive parallelism capabilities with hundreds of parallel threads with SIMD-oriented architecture which is well-suited for big data processing. In this paper we consider huge and complex data processing tasks where original dataset cannot be easily separated into independent parts and updated in parallel. We propose a pipelined method of data processing for such application
as computed tomography 3D image reconstruction. The method runs memory transfers concurrently with GPU processing and allows breaking the sequence “copy data chunk to the GPU — do update — copy updated data to the CPU”. It is a common case for computed tomography (CT) image reconstruction algorithms which require multiple iterations over the projection data in order to update a subset of voxels. Due to CT system geometry specifications data dependencies are complex and classic double
buffering technique cannot be applied.
Keywords: GPU, double buffering, image processing, computed tomography.
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