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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №13 (Physical and mathematical, biological and technical science), 2015

Probabilistic Optimization Method of Ensuring the Acceptable Risk for Structures

L. V. Muravieva
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 The risk of construction project extends to all the logistics activity, the reliability of its logistics system is related to the whole project economic value, and is even responsible for the success of the construction project. The paper puts forward a structural division of the construction optimization management, and reveals the weak links of the logistics system, makes a preliminary distribution of the system reliability index from the cost angle, and then integrates more influential factors to distribute the reliability index
by a scoring method. Contrasted are the two indices, combined with the failure probability/infl uence coordinates, screening out the subsystem, which needs to improve the reliability index, and ultimately distributes a new scientifi c reliability index set, calculates the optimal cost C. The presented detailed methods and steps can offer the meaningful reference for the reliability optimization management of the logistics system in the construction project.
Keywords: balanced risk concept, reliability, probability the no-failure condition, safety performance.
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