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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 12 (Art history, philology and historical sciences), 2015

The Issues of Intertextuality in «Roman», a Novel by Vladimir Sorokin

E. S. Bibergan
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 This article’s focus is on the work of Vladimir Sorokin, an outstanding representative of Russian literary postmodernism, a writer and a conceptualist. The article examines intertextuality of Sorokin’s prose as a unique and inherent characteristic of his writings. The author’s objective is to fi nd out the ways of this method’s implementation and its functions in the text. Material for the research was derived from “Roman”, a novel by Vladimir Sorokin, which exemplifi es the text built on plots, motives, images, and characters traditional for the Russian literature. Opposing a post-modernist credo of despiritialization and moral relativism, the novel asserts Vladimir Sorokin’s standpoint of fresh interpretation of classical plots, images and motives, which create a new semantic layer.
Keywords: narration: deconstruction (of the narration), intertextuality, postmodernism,
1. Bogdanova O. Kontseptualist pisatel’ i khudozhnik Vladimir Sorokin. SPb., 2005.
2. Sorokin V. Roman // Sobr. soch.: v 3 t. M.: Ad Marginem, 2002. T. 2.
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