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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 12 (Art history, philology and historical sciences), 2015

The Phenomenon of «Quantum Leap» and «Self-Developing Continuum» of the Arts in the Context of the Modern Scientifi c World View

E. I. Balakina
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 The article addresses the vital philosophical and culturological issue of re-examining the essence of art in the cultural system, defi nition of its qualitative characteristics and opportunities offered by the heuristic fi eld of modern scientifi c revolution. The author proposes a new nonlinear synergetic approach to the art research as a self-developing whole, in which its both historical and stylistic characteristics appear as facets of
a single process: self-deployment of the essence of art in culture. Modern science introduced new data on the world order into cognitive practice, which allows support with specifi c scientifi c arguments the antecedent ideas about art. In particular, the quantum theory and the phenomenon of «quantum leap» have become the cornerstone of a scientifi c explanation of art-related state of insight, inspiration, and creativity.
Keywords: Synergetics, Quantum Leap, art, self-developing integrity, the effect of
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