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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 12 (Art history, philology and historical sciences), 2015

Dynamics of Rational Egoism in the Psychophysical Genesis of the Unconsciousness in the Character of Rakhmetov in “What Is to Be Done?”, a Novel by N. G. Chernyshevsky

U. T. Uzdeyeva
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 The article explores Rakhmetov, a “special” character in Chernyshevsky’s
novel, which is in line with earlier Russian literary traditions of spirituality. The author analyses the character’s semiotics as well as his verbal behaviour. The character is presented in the context of psychophysiological discourse. The agenda of rational egoism of the “new” people is also addressed. The articles highlights Rakhmetov’s rebirth both as an object and the subject of his own agenda. The author reveals the mythological, philosophical, and psychophysical nature of Chernyshevsky’s character.
Keywords: genesis, discourse, identity, individual, verbal practice.
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