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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 12 (Art history, philology and historical sciences), 2015

Philosophy of Music: the St. Petersburg Concept

A. S. Kluev
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 The author argues that there are two integral philosophical concepts of music in Russia: the Moscow concept and the St. Petersburg concept. The article examines the features of the St. Petersburg school..
Keywords: philosophy of music, concept, the Moscow school, the St. Petersburg
school, synergy.
1. Klyuev A. S. Filosofi ya muzyki. 2-e izd., ispr. i pererab. SPb.: Asterion, 2010.
227 s.
2. Klyuev A. S. Ontologiya muzyki. 2-e izd., ispr. i pererab. SPb.: ID «Petropolis»,
2010. 125 s.
3. Losev A. F. Muzyka kak predmet logiki. M.: Akademicheskiy proekt, 2012. 205 s.
Price: 50 рублей
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