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"The Scientific Opinion" № 5 (Art history, philology and philosophy of science), 2015


V. V. Babiyak
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 The article is devoted to the study of the cycle of portrait drawings for the painting
“Regiment at their Positions” by the great Russian artist V. I. Shukhaev (1887–1973),
a representative of the Neoclassical trend in fi ne arts, whose insuffi ciently studied
creativity is one of the brightest pages of the world art heritage, adding to the glory of
Russian fi ne arts.
Key words: drawing, Neoclassicism, art image
1. Vasiliy Shukhaev. Zhizn’ i tvorchestvo / nauch. red. i komment. E. P. Yakovlevoy; sost. i avt. vstup. st.N. A. Elizbarashvili. M.: Galart, 2010.
2. Ivanov A. I. Pervaya mirovaya voyna i russkaya literatura 1914–1918 gg.: eticheskie i esteticheskieaspekty // URL: http://www.dslib.net/russkaja-literatura/pervaja-mirovaja-vojna-i-russkaja-literatura-1914-1918-gg-jeticheskie-i-jesteticheskie.html/
3. Myamlin I. G. Vasiliy Ivanovich Shukhaev. L.: Khudozhnik RSFSR, 1972.
4. 4-y Gusarskiy Mariupol’skiy Imperatritsy Elisavety Petrovny Polk // URL: http://vadimus58.livejournal.com/70457.html/
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