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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 11 (Art history, philology and historical sciences), 2015.

Adverb in Modern Czech Language From the Perspective of Interpenetration of Parts of Speech (а Study Based on Adverbs and Prepositions)

V. A. Paltseva
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 This article reviews the category of adverbs as a fi eld structure which has a nucleus and periphery. Thematic rationale of this research lies in the fi eld approach to study of parts of speech that allows for the accentuating of the language system and classifi cation of parts of speech. Periphery, which is analyzed through Czech adverbs and prepositions, is closely examined. Common features are analyzed and the reasons of interpenetration of the fi elds of Czech adverbs and prepositions are explained. Some
examples illustrating cases of interpenetration of the above parts of speech are also provided.
Keywords: parts of speech, heterogeneity of grammatical phenomena, lability of limits,field structure of parts of speech, nucleus, periphery, adverbs, spatial adverbs, motivated (secondary) prepositions, interpenetration, hybridity, polyfunctionality.
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