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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №10 (Physical and mathematical, biological and technical science), 2014.

A Multirate Numerical Scheme for Large-Scale Vehicle Traffi c Simulation

V. V. Kurtc, I. E. Anufriev
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 Nowadays the city-wide traffi c contains hundreds of thousands of vehicles with different scenarios of their behavior. If a microscopic approach is used it leads to solving tremendous systems of ordinary differential equations (ODE) whose components have a wide range of variation rates. The given paper has introduced a multirate numerical scheme with a selfadjusting time stepping strategy. Instead of using a single step size for the whole system we have determined the step size for each component by estimating its own local variation. We also performed the stability
analysis for a developed scheme. The presented multirate scheme provides a signi fi cant speed-up in processor times compared to the corresponding single-rate one. The use of multiple time steps admits parallel computing.
Keywords: multirate time stepping, stability, citywide traffi c simulation, ordinary differential equations.
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