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"The Scientific Opinion" № 11 (Art history, philology and philosophy of science), 2014

MODERN PERFORMANCE FORMS AS COMPONENTS OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF MUSICAL AND CREATIVE THINKING IN A FOLK SINGING GROUP (based on the work experience with the professional choir “Vezelitsa” of Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture)

N. P. Shamina
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 The article covers the artistic and performing directions of folk-song genres, as well as
the author’s vision of possible development trends in musical and creative thinking of
participants of a folk singing group by means of innovative ideas in scenic interpretation
of different folk-song performance forms. The author provides a range of examples of
using modern means of expression in the folk-song repertoire.
Key words: musical and creative skills, folksong, modern means of expression.
1. Kamaev A. F. Narodnoe muzykal’noe tvorchestvo. M.: Akademiya, 2005. 304 s.
2. Leont’yev A. N. Deyatel’nost’. Soznanie. Lichnost’. M.: Stimul, 2004. 368 s.
Price: 50 рублей
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