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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №8, 2014

Design Methodology for Embedded Systems with Built-in Self-Recovery

S. L. Maximenko, O. V. Mamoutova, A. S. Filippov, V. F. Melekhin
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 The present paper examines reliability design of computing systems. Systems with strict reliability requirements utilize structural, informational and timing redundancy, as well as recovery techniques and facilities for life data collection and analysis. In this paper we present a reliability design strategy, based on analysis of existent periodic information recovery and implementation of additional forced periodicity in computing processes at various levels of design hierarchy. We present new analytical models for reliability evaluation and a new approach to synthesis, based on operation periodicity in units of the system. The key term in proposed models is a unit’s information recovery period. We show that there is a strong dependency between reliability of the system and lengths of these periods. Models are applicable both for triplicated units and for units with error-correcting codes and n-modular redundancy

fault tolerance, hardware redundancy, reliability design, soft error, self-recovery.



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