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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №8, 2014

Rand Model Designer in Manufacturing Applications

Yu. B. Senichenkov, Yu. B. Kolesov
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 Equation based computer modeling is traditionally used for investigation, simulation, and optimization of a test subject at an early stage of designing. For this purpose a computer model may be a real time embedded component of a hardware-software system. Manufacturing models, especially for hardware-software systems, are large-scale models, usually designed by teams. Such complex projects demand using special tools for joint operation. Designing large-scale models in business competition in speci fi ed time also needs using special tools for modeling and simulation such as a family of tools developed by MathWorks Inc., for example. In this paper we present a new tool named Rand Model Designer and demonstrate its properties and features using examples of manufacturing models.

modeling; simulators; training; real time computer systems; large- scale
systems, hybrid systems; visual modeling languages.

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