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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №8, 2014

Hybrid Systems. Preliminary Comparative Analysis of Modelica and Model Vision Language

Yu. B. Kolesov, Yu. B. Senichenkov, A. Urquia, C. Martin-Villalba
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 Object-Oriented Modeling (OOM) and hybrid systems are basic concepts of modern tools to model and simulate complex dynamical systems. However, object-oriented modeling technologies and state machines may be implemented in different ways in various tools. Implementations of OOM and hybrid systems in tools that support Modelica and Model Vision Language are discussed. The paper may be interesting for
researches and instructors who use Dymola, OpenModelica, and Rand Model Designer in research and education.

object oriented modeling; hybrid systems; algebraic-differential equations; computer simulation; numerical models; numerical simulation; engineering education.

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