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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №8, 2014

The Method for the Selection of the Cutting Modes for Nickel and Titanium Intermetallic Alloys for Aircraft Engine Construction on the Basis of the Mathematical Model

I. V. Anukhin, V. I. Anukhin, S. L. Murashkin, S. A. Lyubomudrov
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 A mathematical model for the selection of the optimal cutting modes while machining heat-resistant intermetallic alloys used in aircraft construction was developed. On the basis of the mathematical model there was developed a methodology and the present
paper provides an example of its application under production conditions for the selection of the cutting modes when machining speci fi c heat-resistant alloys. The methodology allows fi nding the characteristics of the material of the cutting tool and the machining modes for newly created intractable alloys.

сutting modes, the temperature in the cutting zone, speed of the dimensional wear, heatresistant alloys, the wear resistance of the cutting tool, material of the cutting tool.

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