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"Humanities and Science University Journal" №8, 2014

Charge Transfer in Cold Collisions of Rubidium Atoms with Calcium and Ytterbium Ions

S. A. Yakovleva, A. K. Belyaev, A. A. Buchachenko
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 We have theoretically investigated charge exchange processes occurring at low collisions of Rb atoms with Ca and Yb cations based on quantum-chemical accurate data for adiabatic potential energy curves and coupling matrix elements. The calculated cross sections exhibit all features of the Langevin ion-atom collision regime including a rich structure associated with centrifugal barrier tunneling (orbiting) resonances. We have shown that in contrast to Ca+ + Rb collisions the dominant process in Yb+ + Rb
collisions is the radiative charge transfer

cold collisions, charge exchange, nonadiabatic transitions, rubidium
atoms, calcium, ytterbium cations.
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