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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 6, 2013 г.

Journal Article:
A.V. Artamonova
The Mcdonaldization Effect on Families
Price: 50 rub.
V. I. Bogoslovskiy, T. A. Zhukova, K. Bebell
Multicultural Pedagogy in Germany and Russia: Problems and Prospects
Price: 50 rub.
V. M. Zaporozhets
Formation of a Seljuk State in Khorasan
Price: 50 rub.
L. A. Regush, E. V. Alexeeva, A. V. Orlova, Ju. S. Pezhemskaya
Psychological Issues Among Students of St. Petersburg, 2010–2013
Price: 50 rub.
Price: 300 rub
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