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"University Research Journal" № 5, 2013 г.

Computer Modeling of Couple External Gas Dynamic Processes and Internal Heat Transfer in Hypersonic Aircraft Constructions Using Software Package SIGMA

Yu. I. Dimitrienko, M. N. Koryakov, A. A. Zakharov
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The computational method for solving of couple air gas dynamics and internal heat transfer problems in constructions of hypersonic aircrafts is proposed. The method is based on iterative solution of three types of detached problems: gas dynamics problem for ideal gas, viscous heat–conducting problem with full Navier–Stokes equations
for three–dimensional boundary layer and heat transfer equation for aircraft shell. Computer–aided software package SIGMA that implements obtained algorithms and capable to perform calculations on high–performance computers was developed. Results of modeling of fl ow over a hypersonic aircraft are presented and temperature
fi elds for adiabatic wall and with heat transfer between gas and wall are compared which shows the importance inclusion of heat transfer computations in process of design of aircraft’s head shield.
Keywords: computational fl uid dynamics, coupled thermal analysis, aerothermodynamics, heat transfer, hypersonic fl ows, heat shield, geometrical
modelling, pre–processing
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