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"University Research Journal" № 5, 2013 г.

Journal Article:
R. А. Teplov, D. S. Podmetina, L. S. Chechurin
TRIZ in Innovation Management
Price: 50 rub.
K. Hiltmann, N. Hiltmann
The Issue of Noise Generation in Drum Brakes
Price: 50 rub.
A. N. Savos’kin, D. I. Boldin, M. V. Telegin, I. I. Garbuzov
Software and Hardware for the Real Time Simulation of Electromagnetic Processes in a 25 kV AC Electric Railway
Price: 50 rub.
T. A. Demenkova, S. A. Nikolaev, E. Ph. Pevtsov
Program Model of Multipurpose Block of Testing
Price: 50 rub.
I. A. Parshikov, V. N. Petukhov, K. A. Timofeev, A. M. Shchekaturov
Simulation of Nuclear Power Plant with Heavy Liquid Metal-Cooled Reactor in SimInTech Software
Price: 50 rub.
E. Ph. Pevtsov, T. A. Demenkova, A. A. Shnyakin
Simulation Tools in Training Workshops for Integrated Circuits and MEMS Design
Price: 50 rub.
E. A. Gerlits
MC/DC Coverage Measurement of C Programs
Price: 50 rub.
Price: 300 rub
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