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Humanities and Science University Journal № 48 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2019

The Infl uence of Paul Poiret on Formation of Marketing Concepts in Contemporary Fashion

P. A. Shilina
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The article describes the main creative principles of Paul Poiret, 
the French couturier of early twentieth century, which have helped 
him provide the high status for his creations in the fi eld of women's 
costume, design and decorative art, and which are still widely used 
by designers. The author considers the specifi c marketing efforts of 
Poiret, which he fi rstly used (compared to his peers) to draw atten-
tion to women's costume designed by him, and then — to expand the 
audience of the fashion house and to support the related products.
Keywords: Paul Poiret, women’s costume, marketing, arts and crafts, modernism, design, fashion illustration.
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