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Humanities and Science University Journal № 48 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2019

Shan Shui Genre as Depicting Natural Landscapes of Mountains and Water in Chinese Painting of the 17th Century

Zhou Zhenyu
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In the epoch of the Qing dynasty, since Giuseppe Castiglione and other 
European painters arrived in China, techniques and concepts of the 
European art have permanently entered the Chinese fi ne art, making 
a profound effect on the painting at the time — guohua. Until now, 
paintings of this genre refl ect this signifi cant effect of the European art 
upon the Chinese painting. 
Keywords: art, painting, China, 17th century, landscape.
1. Li Beyli. Sravnitel’noe issledovanie kitayskoy peyzazhnoy zhivopisi i 
yevropeyskoy peyzazhnoy zhivopisi. Beijing: Rongbaozhai Publishing House, 2006. 
2. Pesnya Songnyan. Istoriya kitayskoy zhivopisi. Shankhay: Izdatel’skiy dom 
narodnogo izobrazitel’nogo iskusstva Shankhaya, 2013.
3. Chen’ Shitsen. Istoriya kitayskoy zhivopisi: Knizhka-raskraska. Pekin: Pekinskaya 
izdatel’skaya kompaniya, 2010. 
Price: 50 рублей
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