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Humanities and Science University Journal № 44 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2019

Analysis of Composition Principle in Chinese Peasant Painting

Xiao Xiao
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Chinese peasant painting is a kind of popular painting in the 
region; and its class distinctive local characteristics and artistic 
features are an important form of folk art that peasants practice in 
their leisure time, showing unique expression of composition think-
ing, themes and imaging.
Keywords: simple-minded, panoramic, hyperbolization, change.
1. Izuchenie narodnogo iskusstva Kitaya /pod red. Akademii iskusstv Kitaya. Guy-
chzhouskoe izdatel’stvo, 1987 (na kit. yaz.).
2. Lyuy Pin’tyan’. Kontseptsiya kitayskogo narodnogo iskusstva. Guanchzhou: 
Linnan’skoe izdatel’stvo izyashchnykh iskusstv, 2007 (na kit. yaz.).
3. Tszyan’ Chzhe. Interpretatsii kitayskogo narodnogo iskusstva. Pekin: Geolog-
icheskoe izdatel’stvo, 2004 (na kit. yaz.).
4. Chzhun Maolan’. Sbornik peresmotra traditsionnogo iskusstva. Narodnoe 
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5. Yan Syuetsin, An’ Tsi. Vvedenie v narodnoe izobrazitel’noe iskusstvo. Kitayskoe 
khudozhestvennoe izdatel’stvo, 1994 (na kit. yaz.).
Price: 50 рублей
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