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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 38 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2018

Experience of Chinese Modern Directors in the Field of Integrating Traditional Theatrical Forms into New Theatrical Thinking

Chen Gang, Wang Renguo
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 The article explores drama directing experience in Russia and China at the turn of the
centuries. It specifi cally looks into the area of adding national features to drama productions; the authors analyze forms, styles and techniques to create performances that combine principles of the traditional Chinese theatre and new theatre
technologies of Europe and Russia.
Keywords: Chinese drama and Russian drama, Nationalization of Chinese drama, Drama genre, Director’s manipulation, Russian and Chinese drama acting style.
1. Bol’shaya kitayskaya entsiklopediya: Teatr. Pekin, 1989. 523 s.
2. Zhenovach S. V., Zvereva N. A., Kudryashov O. L. Masterstvo rezhissera: uchebnoe
posobie. 3-e izd., ispr. i dop. M.: Rossiyskiy institut teatral’nogo iskusstva GITIS,
2016. 390 s.
3. Stanislavskiy K. S. Rabota aktera nad soboy / per.: Lin’ Lin, Shi Min’tu. Pekin:
Kino Kitaya, 2006. Ch. 1. 421 s. 
4. Chen’ Shisyun. Trekhstoronniy dialog: Stanislavskiy, Brekht i kitayskiy teatr.
Syamen’: Izd-vo Syamen’skogo universiteta, 2003. 524 s.
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