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"Humanities and Science University Journal" № 38 (Philology and Archaeology, World History, Art History), 2018

Three Exhibitions of Russian and Chinese Artists, the Role of Curator Mr Lao Zhengding in Exhibition Organizing

S. V. Anchukov
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 Today an art exhibition as a fi nal stage in implementing creative ideas is not only a way to demonstrate spiritual and artistic values of paintings and artwork, but it also contributes to development of contemporary art as a whole. The paper presents an overall review of curator Mr Lao Zhengding’s concepts. Exemplifying three exhibitions of Russian and Chinese art, organized by Mr Lao Zhengding, the author made an attempt to analyze the role of exhibition curator in disseminating contemporary art in China.
Particularly, the paper focuses on planning and forming the exhibition concept, its contribution to development of Chinese contemporary art.
Keywords: Russian art, Chinese art, internationalization of exhibitions, curator, modernity, management.
1. He Guiyan. Znachenie kuratora i planirovaniya vystavki v kontekste sovremennogo
kitayskogo iskusstva // Iskusstvo nablyudeniya. Pekin: Akademiya khudozhestv
Kitaya, 2014. S. 88–90.
2. Tszyan Vantszyun’, Duan’ Yuan’dun. Iskusstvo dizayna i Demonstratsiya
kul’tury — issledovanie sovremennogo zapadnogo iskusstva // Iskusstvo nablyudeniya.
Pekin: Akademiya khudozhestv Kitaya, 2013. S. 55–57.
3. Chzhun Yuy. Interpretatsiya sovremennogo iskusstva: o sovremennom kuratore
khudozhestvennoy vystavki v Kitae // Tsifrovaya moda (novye vizual’nye iskusstva).
Nankin: Izd-vo Khudozhestvennogo universiteta, 2012. S. 90–92.
Price: 50 рублей
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