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The Scientific Opinion №4 (Psycho-pedagogical and philosophy of science), 2018


N. V. Gaidabrus
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 The article examines the empirio-critical approach of Richard Avenarius to the process
of cognition. It proceeds from the value of self-preservation of an individual and traces
the logical chain from this position to the affirmation of philosophy as thinking about the
world according to the principle of the least effort. Expediency, saving of effort leads to the emergence of common concepts. This is facilitated by language and speech, which make it possible to call individual properties of a cognition object and sensations corresponding to these properties. In this way we discover properties of an object. All this is a process of pure experience. But these sensations-properties can be mixed with sensations of the cognising subject, not related to the object. This results into the admixture of pure experience, for example, substance as alienation from the object’s properties, it should be removed. Philosophy is intended to seek a method to purify experience.
Key words: cognition, empirio-criticism, sensation, experience, self-preservation,
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Price: 50 рублей
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